The Quilting Process

I aim to create a balance between geometric pattern and the soft, earthiness of natural color in my quilts. 

Many of my quilts are inspired by a traditional pattern. One thing that draws me to quilting is the endless ways a quilt pattern can be reinvented through color, scale and movement of the blocks. There are so many ways to put one's own stamp on a pattern.

 The backs of my quilts are always freeform. Using remnant pieces from the front of the quilt I create a quick, improvised and balanced composition. The backs are in juxtaposition to the often orderly front of the quilt and I enjoy the backs just as much if not more than the fronts. 

The quilts are all pieced with a sewing machine - this means the patterns on the front and the back are machine sewn. The quilting, which is the visible stitches running throughout the quilt, are done by hand. There are many reasons to love hand quilting and here are some of mine - I believe sewing by hand is a signature and a person's stitches are unique to them. I also believe hand sewing marks the passage of time, each stitch is a moment from my life. Hand quilting is repetitive and meditative, it allows the mind to rest. And there's no barriers to entry, hand quilting can be done anywhere by anyone. It requires no tools or machinery, just a needle and thread.